The wind is in the trees.
The dog is on the lawn.
The gate is open, freedom beckons.
A song is in the air as life marches on.

What did God say?
Did anyone listen?
Did anyone write it down?
Please listen closely.

Jesus listened, and knew,
Nothing happens to him,
Everything happens through him.
Collectively the same is true for us all.
Creation of reality happens through humanity.
Not to humanity.

Listen to the wind.
Be amazed at the wonder.
Surrender yourself to the sound of our world.

There is no sound in a vacuum.
All you can hear are your thoughts.
How boring is that?
Most of the universe has no sound.

In our reality the air is alive.
Listen with your whole being.
Let the world envelop you.
Explore, experience, enjoy.

Every atom of every element,
was forged in the belly of a star.
Follow the wind and find
What we created.
Not me,
Not you,
Not just us.
Humanity is one with the universe. Same goo…


Since the dawn of time the witness watched.
Positioned before thought and feelings
The witness is like a mirror reflecting all of reality.
It does not judge or opinionate.
It does not accept or reject.
The witness is not an ‘I’.
It is an act of Pure Awareness.
Awareness is not an abstraction found on a remote mountain.
Pure Awareness is beyond our ability to conceptualize.
At its core it is the essence of everything.
It is our true being, open, clear and ever-present.
Don’t say we are the witness but that we witness.


Like the water that has no need to get wet.
Essential awareness has no need for the thought I exist.
At its core it is existence.
No need for a label to explain what it is.

Pure awareness is the blank slate.
Absorbing reality unblemished by its warts.
Ignored by the dance of life.
It sustains both the dance and the backdrop.

Awareness simply is.
Meld into the living awareness.
It has no boundaries or attributes.
No beginning or end.

Aware of everything, you can’t escape its floodlight.
It is where everything arises.
Including your body, mind and soul.
You are pure awareness.

Awareness blossoms in humanities flower.
Billions of blooms, one consciousness.
If you think the show is for some cosmic God,
Think again, the show is for you.


All I see is apathy.
What are you a bunch of stoners?
Did you fry the feeling of love?
Sure you love your family and those close to you.
I see it in your actions, you just don’t care past your inner circle.

All I see is apathy.
Are you hording your love?
Friends and acquaintances barely touch your radar.
When one suffers or dies you feel loss, even shed a tear.
That’s not love, or support, it is more of an empathy thing, how it impacts your mortality.

All I see is apathy.
Looking past the unpleasant?
The poor and unfortunate are easy to ignore.
Let the government teach them to fish or how to serve us all.
You are just too busy to play a role and make a difference.

All I see is apathy.
What’s in it for you?
Going out of your way, without expecting a return, nah that’s not you.
Maximizing your life experience is as far as you ever get.
One with humanity, not even close, one with yourself perhaps.

All I see is apathy.
I love you for that.
It is predictable, a bit ugly perhaps, but predictable.
Come lie on the beach and stare at the clouds.
Think about all the folks that have touched your life,
imagine the support you would have if you had embraced them all.

Now I see a glow.
A dim recognition of opportunity lost.
Start today; hear their story, read their book.
Love is timeless and powerful, it doesn’t come in degrees.

Simply Reality


Bohr wins, Einstein loses. News at 11…
Experiments confirm the spooky nature of physical reality.
Instantaneous connection across the universe confirmed..
Not faster than light travel but instantaneous “no time” connection.
Proof there is one connected universe.

The classic view of a separate reality destroyed by experiments in quantum physics.
The universe is alive.
Our brain tunes in a sliver of consciousness.
The universe is intelligent.
The mind does not exist in a realm separate from physical reality.
Consciousness lives as one connected entity.
The universe is consciousness.

We’ve got a problem Houston.
Entanglement of every particle is real.
The bio-mass of the earth creates a life-sustaining planet.
Within reason it can adjust to maintain our spaceship.
To survive humanity must adjust to the interconnected nature.
Cut the rainforests, pollute the land air and sea.
It is a reset button just as effective as an asteroid.

Intelligent life?
Dumb, dumber and dumbest describes it best.
Consciousness bought us only a few thousand years.
Give earth the respect she deserves.


Here is my favorite entry from my book Mind and Soul Candy. The Kindle version is free on Amazon for the next three days (August 15-17 2014).


The sunset marks the end of the day.
Its subtle beauty warms your soul.
Over time it fades gently into darkness.
The glow remains as the bonfire brightens the night.
With mood candy like this it is easy to love the world and each other.
If you don’t feel it come closer, stir and stare. The fire will dance for you.

Know that you and every particle in the universe is a vibration.
We absorb cosmic rays that have traveled eons from the dawn of time, and then reflect them into the future forever changed by our love and Spirit.
The sun will soon set again thousands of miles from here.
Never the same, but still it warms your soul and makes you smile.
Both old and new, it is changed forever by your presence. –

Mike’s World

Eastern religions and new age practitioners want to convince you that the reality we know is an illusion. Just because the entity I know as “Me, Myself and I” is brought into being by the same force that makes every bit of matter vibrate doesn’t mean I am a dream. (see my thoughts on the God Field – repeated just after this essay for easy reference) My consciousness believes I am real.

Even if I am God’s dream, my reality is all “I” will ever have. If after 20 billion years God wakes up and the dream ends, my piece of reality will still have been real to me. I have a unique opportunity to live a human life, and through my eyes, my thoughts and my actions, so does the creator. Humanity’s interaction with nature is a complex story. I don’t care if you are observing the microscopic bugs in a river or watching the joy of a two-year old experiencing a birthday party, it is our reality.

I am a separate “self” optimizing every moment, enjoying my reality. I acknowledge that Mike’s world is God’s world and everything is created at the most basic level by the same stuff that makes all matter real. I am one with everyone and even this rock we call earth.

There is not a bunch of God goo that makes up a being that has human qualities. A God with jealousy, rage and wrath who takes sides in petty human drama does not exist in Mike’s world. I believe there is conscious thought beyond our comprehension guiding nature and it has done so since the moment our reality popped into existence over 13 billion years ago. I prefer to think this God loves creation and the complexities of the dance of life. If you dig deep enough and get past the bull about what various religions think God wants; you will find they all seem to think God is the manifestation of love.

While we live in this reality we should live every moment, optimizing the drama that is our life. It doesn’t matter if our part is playing with a child, making a tasty dinner, watching a loon fish or an eagle soar. Our responsibility is to be fully present in each moment. I hope each moment is full of love and joy but if my moment becomes pain and suffering let me fully experience it, become it, until it passes.

I may sit in the dark and meditate. If I am lucky I may find enlightenment or the radiance of divine bliss. Becoming one with creation and merging with all that is may bring me peace. The cruel fact is, it doesn’t let me off the hook or lessen the need for me to live my separate life. If I dedicate all of my cycles to visiting with the divine I still create an earthly drama that becomes a record in the file of life, but I cheat my separate story of the depth and complexity it could achieve.

Comparing the intensity of the “Big Love” that radiates from the divine onto all of creation with the joy of living each moment fully, is not fair. Both are magnificent. If you live your separate drama with boredom and lack of appreciation it is still your story, but the book will gather dust on the shelf and find no readers. If your story becomes cruel, evil, perverted or depraved it may be a page turner but it won’t contribute to joy and love.

Humans may speak for God and tell us that God does not like or want one type of story over another but we will never know during our trip through this reality who is right. I enjoy the warm glow of love and wonder much more than conflict and drama. Despite my ignorance I do know my preference. I choose each moment to live life fully bathed in wonder and joy.

I believe consciousness is eternal and the evidence for life after death is convincing. My reactions are usually kind and loving but there are stories and behaviors that would cause me to banish the perpetrators to Hell fires for eternity. The narrow focus from my slice of human drama seeks justice and revenge. It is not broad enough to embrace all of creation with penetrating love. In all likelihood God’s love is so big that even histories villains have been embraced with grace.

I hope one day to be filled with the penetrating love that allows me to embrace the warts of humanity. It is so much easier to ignore warts and pretend they do not exist. The details of perverted actions mar the joy of my soul. I may be one with everyone and everything but thankfully I am spared omnipotent knowledge. Ignorance truly is bliss.

This view of reality has developed over the past couple of years. I used to see the world from my personal perspective. Constructing a life optimized for me and my family. The focus was to keep the bosses happy to maximize the income and positive feedback, keep the wife happy to maximize good food and good loving and do everything possible to help the kids develop into responsible productive adults. I looked for ways to make life better for friends, extended family and acquaintances. I maintained my efforts in that order with progressively less effort as the scale went toward strangers.

Now with no bosses, a happy wife and no kids the cycles available for the world at large are increasing. My embrace of a relationship based on oneness with all of creation gives new avenues to impact the world. I do not need to concentrate on making life good or happy for me. I really am already so happy I am busting at the seams with a joy that runs deep.

It has never been and may never be my lot to improve the life of the poor and downtrodden. I may choose to but I have never felt responsible. At this point I certainly don’t know enough to do it right. Much harm has occured despite good intentions. Handouts are not the answer, but neither is starvation and life in destitute squalor.


Next up in this post is a repeat of the poem “The God Field” from book 3 (Mind and Soul Candy)


I thought of our human body as separate from God.

I thought of consciousness as the part of humankind made in God’s image and actually one with God, and our ticket to the afterlife.

Conscious awareness is the essence of our being, we are the eyewitness and God is observing the world through our human eyes.
It is a bit of a stretch to take this view farther and claim we are one with each other, linked by God.

The stretch is shorter when you take the view that God is a particle field that is larger than the universe and as the field interacts with living and inorganic matter it brings everything into mass and a part of physical reality.

We can’t comprehend God or even speculate on plans or motivations, we can only see our pages in the book.
Suddenly separation dissolves and we are one with God, humanity and every object in the universe.

Invisible fields are well documented in physical reality. We are comfortable with the electromagnetic fields, the gravitational fields and using the electromagnetic spectrum to send communication invisibly through the air. Last year the Higgs Boson, a particle from the “God field” was proven to exist.

If this is a physical manifestation of God we must change how we view God.

We can’t fall from grace; we and every particle of the universe are given mass and created each moment by God.
God’s power does not tower over us, it infuses us.

God can’t want anything from us, God has and is everything.

Ancient theology got it wrong; God does not control with wrath or condone violence to solve problems, God just is the basis of life.

The plant, animal and human drama of passing through life is the God story, the drama of life.

God is life and life is God.

God is the source of life.

Life wants nothing but to be.

Freewill lets us use and abuse life as we see fit, no demands, expectations or desires.

We create the next chapters in our story.

Creation by creativity, talk about clever now this is clever.

No one sits on high demanding worship or passing out punishment for incorrect worship.

Emotions on all points of the scale, good and evil and shades of grey are all fully owned by God, and the book is a page turner.