Day dreaming in an elevator
The knife sank into my chest
Simon and Garfunkel sang:
“Bye, bye love
Bye, bye sweet caress
Hello emptiness
I feel like I could die”
Embracing emptiness and loneliness
Saying goodbye to romance.
Burning reality
Dissolving bonds
Changing times
Why care?
There is no past
No great record book
No all-knowing history
On the same note
The future is only a dream
All we have is NOW
A contiguous eternal present
Until we order a time travel device
We bounce along where we are
Ignore the past
Seek joy in the present
Or jump and die
Bury the past, screw the future
Waste no cycles on either
One with the world
One with your lover
One with the moment
What has meaning?
What is irrelevant?
What comes next?
Embrace the wonder
Kiss my sister
Fading fast
The song ends in despair:
Goodbye my love goodbye


How many past lives have I had?
Why, I have lived them all,
since consciousness descended on mankind.

I have stalked the tundra, hunting for food,
and gathered berries and grains.
Built fires in caves and sailed all of the seas.

I have known the horrors of war
and the joys of love from all perspectives.
I have lounged in luxury
and starved in squalor.
I cried a river on Calvary hill.
I have known fame
and lived in silent separation from humanity.
I have been to the moon,
the arctic and the top of Everest.

When I am not trapped inside this brain
I am one with what was, what is and all that will ever be.

Reincarnation assumes that narrow sliver of consciousness that is me, doesn’t become lost
in the joy, big love and wonder that is us.

So you think somehow it holds together for another journey, one more trip as a narrow slice of human drama.
“Maybe” I say as I scratch my chin and smile.

This blog entry directly from my spring 2014 book, Mind and Soul Candy available at


Let’s be clear brother.
It’s not about you, it’s not about me,
It’s how we impact each other.

Day by day life’s focus is on how we relate.
Each moment starts with a clean slate.

I will sneak into your life to give it a spin.
Mystery and wonder lie within.

If we shake it up too much
You will still be changed by my touch.

If the spinning top should cease.
The fun we had will bring you peace.

How does your happiness flow?
Watch closely when you let it go.

Give all your being to each moment.
Giving not getting, is the essential component.

Become the source of joy.
Mold the world into your toy.

Life is not about you or me.
It is simply what ‘we’ can be.


Where do thoughts come from?
Who does the thinking?
Does it all happen inside my skull?
Who am I?
I know I exist.
I am conscious and self-aware.
There are labels I use to describe who I am.
I know they are not the real me.

Why do things just pop in my head for no apparent reason?
Is the origin a universal consciousness?
I am an actor in the play of life.
I am not lost in the role.
My identity remains grounded in the knowledge –‘I AM’.

‘I AM’:
• A part of the whole.
• A tuner of experience.
• The totality of existence.
• Overflowing with joy, wonder and love.

Some days the tuner is fuzzy or not on at all.
I miss nature’s wonder and wallow in despair or anger.
I am lost in dark places.
A flip of the attitude switch and the tuner comes back on. Of course I exist.
Like the mirror which cannot see itself I am blind and overwhelmed by the possibilities.


NOW is not the tiny sliver of a moment between the past and the future.
Now is the ever-present flow of time, the eternal present.
Thinking of the past or the future won’t take you there.
Our life takes place in the new way to look at now.
Open your mind to being, understanding and silence,
It is not a quest for knowledge it is absorbing what ‘is’.
The silent empty slate behind thought is where becoming arises.
Meditate for relaxation, entertainment and insight.
Let thoughts flow freely don’t banish them.
Abandon steering the mind to a single point of concentration.
Welcome freely arising thoughts.
Meditation is peace itself.
Find wisdom in the present moment.


Today’s blog entry is a couple of thoughts from my book Mind and Soul Candy
Poking a little fun at the concept of separating the ego from the self in a quest
for enlightenment.

Why awaken to enlightenment and leave my story behind.
I collected bits and pieces for year after year to define who I am.
It changes and grows as the mosaic becomes complex.
It may not be me but it is all I have.
I am happy with my story, I carry it proudly.
I know it is just a story,
at my inner most level I am the witness.
As Spirit I watch the story unfold .
It is a dream of my own making,
I save the good and forget the bad.
It is full of love and joy,
a multitude of good times.
The part that is the Spirit observing this dance
needs to relate to the world differently.
Acting with full knowledge that all I see and all I can’t see are one.
While the story plays out the Spirit’s job is to observe it.
Acting always from the thoughts
“First do no harm, and second champion the common good.”
My ego centered mind doesn’t have to cease living the story.
I awaken with the thought of Spirit embracing all
aspects of the ego centered story and its surroundings.
I am humbled as the scope expands infinitely.
It is not my job to control or understand,
I as the infinite Spirit witness a small slice.
I awaken to live a human life
guided by the Spirit in harmony with our dream like reality.
If I polish my slice it can shine a light on the world.
Others will see the beacon,
enlightenment will spread to encase the earth.
Even if the light goes unseen,
or fades into oblivion
the fact that it shined brightly,
will forever leave a mark on our reality.

“Relevancy, my relevancy why have you forsaken me.”
Your actions no longer feed only me.
Why aren’t I the center of your universe anymore?
You don’t care about my scars.
My achievements, my character, my charity and my good will, wallow in irrelevancy.
You focus on optimizing this instant of “NOW.”
What about my past, what about my future?
Look at me… I’m the greatest.
Be happy for me, feel sorry for me.
Please give me some cycles.
I controlled your world.
I languish now in irrelevancy.
How can I help optimize “NOW”
Toss me a bone, let me help.
I’ll throw out the “ME” and be “US.”
I will dissolve the smug separation.
I can show you how much I care.
I will throw out the “I.”
Look at the love that showers forth.
Look, an EGO for us!
As the observer you shouldn’t be laughing at me.
Oops, I mean us.
Please let me play.
I mean us play.
Don’t destroy the ego, keep it focused,
use it now.
The ego has value, really it does.
You see right past the ego now.
Your journey will be different without me.
I mean us.
Oh darn, you win.


Why do you mess with me?
Trying to hide the world I see.
To R rated cinema you say no!
To the dance I should not go.

The spirits should not be drunk.
Burn the rock, rap and punk.
It is greedy to seek success.
Embrace mediocrity it’s the best.

The yoke you tie on my life.
Is a great cause of strife.
Live fully in the world, every bit.
The mission is: Be in it not of it.

Celebrate and embrace reality.
Fixing it all will never be.
Banish the bad then roll baby roll.
Don’t let the world darken your soul.