Beware the power of the bully.
Helplessness magnified by unrelenting cruelty.
Lost in the darkness, wallowing in self-pity.
Crushed self-worth.
The bully reaches across decades haunting you.

Seeking approval and inclusion anywhere.
What will be enough to banish the demon?
Stellar academic success, decades of professional success, amazing children and grand-kids, early retirement and financial stability?
Decades filled with love and joy
Yet you carry the bullies marks.

You can never change the past.
It will never be better, softer, or more acceptable.
Accept the bullying for what it was.
Unpleasant, heartbreaking torture.
Looking back from this future see clearly how the bully inspired and motivated tremendous success.

You are imperfect, blemishes make you real.
Perfection exists only at this moment, the sum and total of your past.
Embrace and thank the bully.
Your soul will shine with light and love when you embrace who you are.
Be at peace, demolish guilt, shame, or blame.

Have compassion for yourself.
The world can’t hurt you when you harbor no enemies.
You are not on earth to just observe time’s passing.
Explore, experience and enjoy,
Let emotion flow, fully feel delight.

My bully jumped me from the monkey bars.
I beat the living crap out of him.
I left him in the principal’s office decades ago.
It’s time you left yours in the past too.
We live, love and find our joy now.


My fans: Sam & Sadie


I have a nice big basket hidden in my closet.

The basket’s tag says “I can’t do that”.

It is filled with stones engraved with, things like:

  • Public speaking
  • Advanced statistics
  • Wide receiver
  • Keyboard and piano
  • Point guard

I took a sneak peak in the basket.

I pulled out a guitar,

And so the long journey began.

Progress is slow.

The reasons a guitar was in the basket were legitimate.

It is fun to chip away at things etched in stone.

Someday the guitar may not fit in the basket.

But if it does, no harm no foul.


I think I just might,
Go to a field and fly a kite.
I could improve my mind with a read,
Or change the world with a deed.

Today it’s not to be,
I’ll take whimsy and carefree.
In the sky my kite will soar,
Knocking gently on heavens door.

I know it is just a toy,
The truth is, it brings me joy.
An express trip to my youth,
No worry I’m long in the tooth.

No words required to seize the day,
In the moment, is where I play.
Please join me on my quiet quest,
A dance in the sky is not a test.

The world will turn our day to-night
Let’s keep the stars in our sight.
Gazing the hours away,
On this beach I choose to stay.

Tomorrow brings responsibility,
Today I choose whimsy and carefree.
Tomorrow I may fly a kite,
A favorite reel from my mind’s sight.


We are extraordinary story tellers.
Our mind weaves an elaborate tale about reality.
Over time we even craft a tale about our self.
Elaborate details on why we are good or bad, happy or sad.

We beat ourselves up and suffer far too much over the unchangeable past and the ever present “NOW.”
Control is an illusion, a great untruth we weave into our story.
Life is not a tale without grief and trauma.
Pretending the past was painless is pointless. (insert pregnant pause here to let that sink in)

What happened happened.
Let go of suffering by letting go of the thought that some element of the past should not have been.
Making demands on ourselves or others to manipulate reality is the short road to UNHAPPY.
You can never insist that life be different from what is or what was.

The only chance to influence the story is as the future unfurls.
Our stories (thoughts) are not totally accurate perfect representations of reality.
Strides towards happiness come when you see that your true self is not the stories but the vast empty slate behind the tale, observing our passage through the world.
There is a depth of emotion in the silent space before the stories. It will embrace you if you let it.

We tell ourselves tales about happiness, peace, love and freedom but the emotion is not in the stories, the emotion lives deep in the background, an integral part of our true self.
It is ok to tell stories but always keep the perspective that they are our attempt to define reality, they are our fiction and the stories don’t define our true inner self.
End the suffering by writing a new story with a new perspective.
Realize all we seek is at the center of our existence, and that will set us free.

My new story recognizes the light inside observing our world from a few billion perspectives.
Rich with all emotions it bathes the world we know.
Lost in our separation we sometimes overlook the wonder of our inner world.
Our connection to our inner self is our link to eternity.
Try as you might to prove your separate worth you can’t.
Grace is an unearned gift.


Does the world exist?
I can’t find the observer.
The self is not in the world for me to see.
It creates a view of reality, but it stands apart.
Of it, not in it describes it best.

The mind constructs a unique self, an illusion of separation.
I perceive the world as “out there.” only to find it is “in here”.
My limited view of the world exists only in my mind.
Your view, while similar can never be the same.
In the physical world, each photon of light is identical as it illuminates the world.

One light illuminates thoughts in all minds.
One observer different views.
Every action in the physical world is bathed in photons.
The light of consciousness is required to register every experience.
At the most basic level, light is the basis of all.

When you set aside observing, the light used to create the world remains.
The light of creation is continuously needed to keep the universe a reality.
Recognizing the existence of inner light is an encounter with the divine.
The true self is the observer.
I am, you are, we are all that is.

Since the dawn of time, the observer has observed.
The command “let there be light” established and illuminated reality.
Light stands outside of time and space.
What a wonderful vantage point.
Don’t slap me when I tell you “you turn me on.”

and yes, please leave the light on…


Projecting a movie requires a light bulb to shine through the film.
Building a picture of reality in our mind requires a more powerful light.
When you approach, the speed of light time slows down until it ceases to exist.
If you could sit on a photon, leaving a distant star and travel 13 billion years to an eyeball on earth no time would pass for you. Arrival would be instantaneous.

Space-time means nothing to light.
Light is special, timeless, and instantly present everywhere.
Light is the underlying requirement of all knowledge.
Light fuels the universe, and is the source of all power.

It is easy to believe light is all-knowing, all-powerful and present everywhere.
Our consciousness plays the little movies of our life thanks to light.
God envelops the universe and brings it all into existence.
No stretch to say, God is light.

The light within illuminating the stories of our life is God.
We are one light across the boundaries of space and time.
The profound question is:
Who tells the blind?


So you think you understand the physical world? In the late 1800’s, physicists thought everything was known and the only discoveries left were a few minor details. Then in the 1900’s, along came quantum mechanics and Pandora’s Box was open. It soon became evident that the Newtonian physics we held dear as a practical explanation of how the universe works was only an approximation. In the ensuing 112 years, not a single prediction made by quantum mechanics has been proven wrong. The problem is many of the predictions include spooky actions, that require an observation in order for it to become reality and such non-intuitive interactions, have been confirmed experimentally.

Einstein was extremely bothered by the mysterious implications of quantum theory and spent more time pondering its ramifications than he spent on the theory of special relativity. In a nutshell, the enigma starts when we realize quantum theory requires that an observation at one place will instantaneously influence what happens far away without involving any physical force. The whole idea that observing an atom in one place caused the atom to be there was just plain spooky.
A large part of our economy is based on products that rely on quantum theory and ultimately it is the framework of all of physics. You haven’t heard much about quantum physics because it is the skeleton in physics’ closet. It is not intuitive and seems so far-fetched that if it is explained to you, a rational mind’s first response is “HOGWASH.”

So here is your first dose of hogwash: Quantum theory says without any physical force connecting two considerably distant objects, observation of one can instantaneously influence the other (unchallengeable experiments have confirmed this to be true). Additionally, quantum theory says an object can be in two places at once. The object only settles on a particular place when it is observed.

As quantum theories crash into the need for consciousness, the potential for speculative pseudo-science abounds. The undisputed results of quantum experiments describe a mysterious role for consciousness in the physical world but stay a hotly debated question. For nearly 80 years, physics departments discouraged interest in the strange implications of quantum theory, but their attempts to avoid encountering the very nonphysical consciousness failed. Today this challenge is front and center, not just in physics but psychology, philosophy, and computer engineering.

Quantum mechanics has a story to tell us about the physical world. Today that story has many conflicting views and interpretations. They range from contending that observation creates a physical reality of many parallel worlds where each of us are in each of them, to a universal connection where the future impacts the past and even free will is challenged. Digging deeper into quantum theory has even led some to speculate on a reality beyond physical reality.

The experimental results are undisputed; the fact that an object’s place can be created by observation is a reality. Since quantum theory applies to everything, observation creation is not just for atoms and electrons but every other thing with mass in our reality. The concept that what previously existed in the past is created by how we choose to look at it is a concept physicists prefer to leave to philosophers.

Quantum theory leads us to the experimentally proven principle that any objects that have ever interacted are forever entangled. What happens to one object instantly influences the other. The connectedness appears to extend over the entire universe.

The microscopic world of quantum theory differs greatly from the macroscopic human world. Some argue that the quantum world of weird interaction has no bearing on the human scale view of nature. The founders of quantum theory beg to differ and now after years of ignoring the weirdness, many in physics today agree we fundamentally don’t understand what is going on. Classical physics gives us a mechanical picture of the world that has been used to deny God and anything beyond the mechanical viewpoint. Quantum physics hints at something beyond the classical view of the physical world. We cannot draw conclusions about the mysteries of quantum mechanics, but the door is open for speculation. Speculation abounds, the wide range of interpretations show that profound questions are still wide open. The one constant that appears in all the different worldviews created from interpretation of quantum physics is the one that physics would like to avoid. It is the mysterious intrusion of the conscious observer creating the physical world. The search for the meaning of a participatory universe is ongoing.

What does all this have to say about the science of understanding God? It simply says that there are so many unexplored possibilities that can connect our little spot in the universe with parallel universes, multi-universes, and the possibility for the coming and going of information, that we can’t possibly have a correct story to describe what is really going on. Our scientists have lots of ideas that will always be speculation. Albeit with each passing year, ever better refinements are made to their speculations. If my story says that my consciousness is connected to an all-knowing God who is conscious of every universe near our universe and all those in parallel dimensions, who can build an argument to refute me?
None of this discussion matters because we aren’t meant to understand it with certainty. Even a genius struggles to describe the physical world. When you get right down to it, an asteroid will send humans to extinction long before the story plays out. If you want a God in your life, science takes us down to this fact – FAITH IS ESSENTIAL.
If we can evolve to another level in the quantum entangled universe, the wonders that await us are unimaginable and worthy of dreaming about. Keep the faith brother.