We are extraordinary story tellers.
Our mind weaves an elaborate tale about reality.
Over time we even craft a tale about our self.
Elaborate details on why we are good or bad, happy or sad.

We beat ourselves up and suffer far too much over the unchangeable past and the ever present “NOW.”
Control is an illusion, a great untruth we weave into our story.
Life is not a tale without grief and trauma.
Pretending the past was painless is pointless. (insert pregnant pause here to let that sink in)

What happened happened.
Let go of suffering by letting go of the thought that some element of the past should not have been.
Making demands on ourselves or others to manipulate reality is the short road to UNHAPPY.
You can never insist that life be different from what is or what was.

The only chance to influence the story is as the future unfurls.
Our stories (thoughts) are not totally accurate perfect representations of reality.
Strides towards happiness come when you see that your true self is not the stories but the vast empty slate behind the tale, observing our passage through the world.
There is a depth of emotion in the silent space before the stories. It will embrace you if you let it.

We tell ourselves tales about happiness, peace, love and freedom but the emotion is not in the stories, the emotion lives deep in the background, an integral part of our true self.
It is ok to tell stories but always keep the perspective that they are our attempt to define reality, they are our fiction and the stories don’t define our true inner self.
End the suffering by writing a new story with a new perspective.
Realize all we seek is at the center of our existence, and that will set us free.

My new story recognizes the light inside observing our world from a few billion perspectives.
Rich with all emotions it bathes the world we know.
Lost in our separation we sometimes overlook the wonder of our inner world.
Our connection to our inner self is our link to eternity.
Try as you might to prove your separate worth you can’t.
Grace is an unearned gift.


Does the world exist?
I can’t find the observer.
The self is not in the world for me to see.
It creates a view of reality, but it stands apart.
Of it, not in it describes it best.

The mind constructs a unique self, an illusion of separation.
I perceive the world as “out there.” only to find it is “in here”.
My limited view of the world exists only in my mind.
Your view, while similar can never be the same.
In the physical world, each photon of light is identical as it illuminates the world.

One light illuminates thoughts in all minds.
One observer different views.
Every action in the physical world is bathed in photons.
The light of consciousness is required to register every experience.
At the most basic level, light is the basis of all.

When you set aside observing, the light used to create the world remains.
The light of creation is continuously needed to keep the universe a reality.
Recognizing the existence of inner light is an encounter with the divine.
The true self is the observer.
I am, you are, we are all that is.

Since the dawn of time, the observer has observed.
The command “let there be light” established and illuminated reality.
Light stands outside of time and space.
What a wonderful vantage point.
Don’t slap me when I tell you “you turn me on.”

and yes, please leave the light on…


Projecting a movie requires a light bulb to shine through the film.
Building a picture of reality in our mind requires a more powerful light.
When you approach, the speed of light time slows down until it ceases to exist.
If you could sit on a photon, leaving a distant star and travel 13 billion years to an eyeball on earth no time would pass for you. Arrival would be instantaneous.

Space-time means nothing to light.
Light is special, timeless, and instantly present everywhere.
Light is the underlying requirement of all knowledge.
Light fuels the universe, and is the source of all power.

It is easy to believe light is all-knowing, all-powerful and present everywhere.
Our consciousness plays the little movies of our life thanks to light.
God envelops the universe and brings it all into existence.
No stretch to say, God is light.

The light within illuminating the stories of our life is God.
We are one light across the boundaries of space and time.
The profound question is:
Who tells the blind?


So you think you understand the physical world? In the late 1800’s, physicists thought everything was known and the only discoveries left were a few minor details. Then in the 1900’s, along came quantum mechanics and Pandora’s Box was open. It soon became evident that the Newtonian physics we held dear as a practical explanation of how the universe works was only an approximation. In the ensuing 112 years, not a single prediction made by quantum mechanics has been proven wrong. The problem is many of the predictions include spooky actions, that require an observation in order for it to become reality and such non-intuitive interactions, have been confirmed experimentally.

Einstein was extremely bothered by the mysterious implications of quantum theory and spent more time pondering its ramifications than he spent on the theory of special relativity. In a nutshell, the enigma starts when we realize quantum theory requires that an observation at one place will instantaneously influence what happens far away without involving any physical force. The whole idea that observing an atom in one place caused the atom to be there was just plain spooky.
A large part of our economy is based on products that rely on quantum theory and ultimately it is the framework of all of physics. You haven’t heard much about quantum physics because it is the skeleton in physics’ closet. It is not intuitive and seems so far-fetched that if it is explained to you, a rational mind’s first response is “HOGWASH.”

So here is your first dose of hogwash: Quantum theory says without any physical force connecting two considerably distant objects, observation of one can instantaneously influence the other (unchallengeable experiments have confirmed this to be true). Additionally, quantum theory says an object can be in two places at once. The object only settles on a particular place when it is observed.

As quantum theories crash into the need for consciousness, the potential for speculative pseudo-science abounds. The undisputed results of quantum experiments describe a mysterious role for consciousness in the physical world but stay a hotly debated question. For nearly 80 years, physics departments discouraged interest in the strange implications of quantum theory, but their attempts to avoid encountering the very nonphysical consciousness failed. Today this challenge is front and center, not just in physics but psychology, philosophy, and computer engineering.

Quantum mechanics has a story to tell us about the physical world. Today that story has many conflicting views and interpretations. They range from contending that observation creates a physical reality of many parallel worlds where each of us are in each of them, to a universal connection where the future impacts the past and even free will is challenged. Digging deeper into quantum theory has even led some to speculate on a reality beyond physical reality.

The experimental results are undisputed; the fact that an object’s place can be created by observation is a reality. Since quantum theory applies to everything, observation creation is not just for atoms and electrons but every other thing with mass in our reality. The concept that what previously existed in the past is created by how we choose to look at it is a concept physicists prefer to leave to philosophers.

Quantum theory leads us to the experimentally proven principle that any objects that have ever interacted are forever entangled. What happens to one object instantly influences the other. The connectedness appears to extend over the entire universe.

The microscopic world of quantum theory differs greatly from the macroscopic human world. Some argue that the quantum world of weird interaction has no bearing on the human scale view of nature. The founders of quantum theory beg to differ and now after years of ignoring the weirdness, many in physics today agree we fundamentally don’t understand what is going on. Classical physics gives us a mechanical picture of the world that has been used to deny God and anything beyond the mechanical viewpoint. Quantum physics hints at something beyond the classical view of the physical world. We cannot draw conclusions about the mysteries of quantum mechanics, but the door is open for speculation. Speculation abounds, the wide range of interpretations show that profound questions are still wide open. The one constant that appears in all the different worldviews created from interpretation of quantum physics is the one that physics would like to avoid. It is the mysterious intrusion of the conscious observer creating the physical world. The search for the meaning of a participatory universe is ongoing.

What does all this have to say about the science of understanding God? It simply says that there are so many unexplored possibilities that can connect our little spot in the universe with parallel universes, multi-universes, and the possibility for the coming and going of information, that we can’t possibly have a correct story to describe what is really going on. Our scientists have lots of ideas that will always be speculation. Albeit with each passing year, ever better refinements are made to their speculations. If my story says that my consciousness is connected to an all-knowing God who is conscious of every universe near our universe and all those in parallel dimensions, who can build an argument to refute me?
None of this discussion matters because we aren’t meant to understand it with certainty. Even a genius struggles to describe the physical world. When you get right down to it, an asteroid will send humans to extinction long before the story plays out. If you want a God in your life, science takes us down to this fact – FAITH IS ESSENTIAL.
If we can evolve to another level in the quantum entangled universe, the wonders that await us are unimaginable and worthy of dreaming about. Keep the faith brother.

The Secret Chapter

The following essay is what I ended up believing after the extensive research I did on my second book “Idol Meat BBQ”. This summary notes version is an overview, a short essay summarizing many of the individual chapters is coming next.

The Secret Chapter

I will not elaborate on the Jewish, Muslim or other religions that I mention in the Idol Meat BBQ book. I laugh at the shallow perspective of the atheists and don’t care whether ancient aliens impacted development of life on earth. So that leaves analysis of the revelations about Christianity and since I consider myself a Christian, I plan to state clearly for you in just a couple of pages what I believe.

The gospels were written 30 to 70 years after the death of Jesus by men who demonstrated progressively more writing skill. The order was Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. As time passed and the four Gospels were created, more and more God-like qualities were attributed to Jesus. By the time, the book of John appeared Jesus was the incarnation of God on earth. They were created in Greek, not Hebrew by men who likely never met Jesus face to face. They put humanity in the Jesus story by providing fictional accounts of Jesus’ early life, ministry, and death. They wove details from oral accounts of Jesus’ ministry and quotes from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas into their stories. They took a queue from Paul, who said Jesus’ life was as the Torah said. They searched the Torah for details of the Messiah and from this they built many stories about Jesus upon the framework of the Hebrew scripture. Paul was the first Christian author writing 5 to 25 years after Jesus’ death. He also never met the flesh and blood Jesus. He had no facts about Jesus’ life and did not attempt to make up stories. What he learned about Jesus’ teaching came from early Christian followers and some contact with Jesus’ actual Disciples.

Bishop John Shelby Spong has built a convincing case on the framework used for the Gospels. Just as today’s churches have a schedule that dictates what should be preached, and when, so did the early Jews. Readings are suggested both between and on various important holidays. First century Jews also followed a framework (liturgy) which required reading of certain scriptures on each Sabbath. Spong has shown that the segments of the gospels can be divided up to coincide with each weekly scripture reading from the Hebrew bible. Each provides a brief account on the ministry of Jesus to read during each Sabbath service. So not only did the authors of the Gospels create stories to fulfill prophesy about the messiah but they had to make the stories relevant to the weekly Sabbath readings.

It is highly likely that none of Jesus’ followers attended his crucifixion and thus no actual words from the trial, persecution or cross were captured. There is a slim chance that Jesus was actually placed in a crypt. The Romans tended to throw the crosses in the ditches for the wild dogs to consume the carcasses. The early Christians were distraught about the death of the man they thought was the Messiah. They whaled and they cried and tried to make sense out of his death and the brutal treatment of their Messiah, it was a fate reserved for common criminals. Early on followers settled on the idea that his death must have been for the greater good. The doctrine of atonement for the sins of humanity is a concept they chose. This gave meaning to his death and became a cornerstone of the Christian faith. It wasn’t part of the plan, it wasn’t Jesus’ teaching it was a way to make his brutal death acceptable. Century after century the Church drove the idea into the heads of their congregation that they were evil, corrupt, sinful humans in need of salvation. The churches position was focused on tearing down humanity, destroying self-esteem and it was actually damaging to society. The church preached; “follow us for salvation” anything less than total devotion meant damnation. The Christian faith was in competition for followers with substantially stronger religions. They created passages that declared the only way to the father was through the son, my way is best, all other ways will be damned to hell.

Jesus was a naïve man from the small collection of huts called the village of Nazareth. His crowds of followers were a threat to those in power. He knew nothing of the politics of church or state and when he rocked the boat in the big city, he paid the ultimate price.

It is likely that he was not born on the winter solstice or died on Easter. Those dates and stories have their roots in other God-men legends, such stories were also convenient ways to link the Jesus story into the Jewish holidays. Resurrection or ascending to be with God is the likely fate of all souls not just the “One”.

The stories that defy the natural world as we know it are fabrications. In the first century they did not understand that women provide the egg and men the seed, they thought the woman was just a vessel for the man’s child. Therefore, the idea of a virgin birth with God providing the seed met Jesus was 100% the son of God. Sorry nature doesn’t work that way. A virgin birth is fiction, it was made up from a 500+ year old story in the Hebrew bible about a birth of a future king “Emanuel” to a young woman (not a virgin). Formerly this ancient story said in the Arabic text: “born a young woman” but was mistranslated to the Greek Old Testament, saying “born to a virgin.” The Greek authors of the New Testament referred to this when they wrote the Gospels. Walking on water, changing water into wine, raising the dead and, etc. all were used by early Christian followers to convince new recruits that Jesus was the manifestation of God on earth.

I believe Jesus was a real historical person. He taught an important message and died on the cross, there is no way early Christians would have made up the story of disgraceful death of their Messiah if it weren’t true. They saw something special about this man that was not prevalent in the first century. They truly saw God shine though Jesus in his teaching, deeds, and examples. He lacked prejudice against women, children, and the vile Samaritans. Love others as you love yourself, turn the other cheek, etc. I think we should drop the creeds, doctrines and theology and focus on the rich story of his ministry and teaching.

Throughout the third and fourth centuries the church developed a variety of interpretations theologies and creeds which by modern standards are found to be lacking credibility. Among them are the doctrine of original sin, the doctrine of the trinity, the apostle creed, and other creeds. Much of this work was to suppress and deem heretical minority Christian groups. These and most of the work by the early church to interpret and define Jesus and God I dismiss.

When I came back to church 4 years ago, my view of God was that the likelihood he existed wasn’t high. I had hope he did exist but not much. My view of prayer was that prayer was a joke, a conversation with an imaginary friend. If God existed, he would not be wasting time dealing with the wants and desires of humans. My reasoning for attending church again was to reestablish ourselves in the community and be sure my wife had strong ties to support her if I preceded her to the next adventure.

After a 24-month research project including over 80 books and college courses on DVD, I gained a new appreciation and belief in the existence of God. Even the feasibility of prayer to have an impact on the reality of our world seemed likely.

God is not a being as we categorize beings; he is not a nice old man with a flowing white beard ruling the world from his throne. A wrath filled God is the result of living a paranoid violence-filled life warping the filter of perception. My concept of God (which is probably as far off as the throne sitter idea) is that God is a loving, intelligent entity that is larger than the universe. If multiple universes and dimensions exist, he is much bigger than the multiverse. God is a particle field that brings life to every speck of matter in reality, in much the same way as the dreamer brings life to the dream. God’s intelligence is so vast that as humans can’t begin to understand God’s capabilities. When God made man in his image, it was consciousness that was made in God’s image not man’s physical form. That little voice inside your head that observes the world and carries on a running commentary is God experiencing life from your perspective. God is consciousness and sees and understands everything that every conscious life-form experiences. Our consciousness does not exist in our brain but in the universal mind of God, living on in an afterlife dimensionally separated from the reality we experience in life. The concept that we are one with each other and one with the Lord is spot on. I believe that all likelihood every living thing has some level of consciousness, from the bugs to the trees, animals, grains, and grasses.

All accounts I have read on the afterlife have been very convincing of its existence, including studies using scientific methods to test the ability of mediums to contact the departed. Almost all have made specific note of dogs being with the departed, not cats or other animals but dogs (go figure). One study by Gary Schwartz Ph.D. in the book “The God Experiments” detailed the ability of a medium or seer to accurately dream about and predict the future. The data are convincing (and I will never get used to treating the word data as a plural). Three different conclusions can be drawn from the ability of this man to accurately predict the future: 1) Everything is predestined. Or 2) God is so smart that even with freewill God knows far ahead of time how everything will turn out. Or my favorite 3) The edge of reality crashes into the God Particle field bringing mass to matter (it is a pretty wild place). Free-will charts our course right up to that edge, but our consciousness exists and observes back up the timeline of the past a few hours, or days, or months, or years, or eons. Can you call it predestination by free-will choices?

I honestly believe that God the creator loves his creation. Nothing is left behind, no consciousness is abandoned regardless of good or evil, everything is a small part of the consciousness of God. Suicide, praying to bushes or whatever, makes no difference the part of us that is the observer is eternal. One would think that the ultimate acts against love and kindness like murder and slave trafficking would put a portion of humanity on the “outs”. I don’t think so, I think it is more likely that a dark soul will be enlightened and sent back for further development. I also believe there is a good chance all souls will have the opportunity for further development perhaps in the material world further forward or backward on the timeline.
After all, singing praises, feeling joy and enlightenment are rewarding for how long?

Once an individual soulfully understands and accepts being one with all of the consciousness in the universe, development and even good and evil becomes a moot point.

My concluding thought is: To hell with hell, it doesn’t exist in my concept of God and reality. Hell is man-made.


I sat quietly in my comfortable chair enjoying the peaceful quiet in my personal cave. The thought crossed my mind when meditation began that this time I would stop time while I escaped to solitude. I knew the world around me would flow on the river of time while I basked in this one moment.

It would be nearly sleep, where the world goes on and we awake later to find that time has passed. This time I would relish every nuance while I stayed at that moment and explored its complexity. My mind thought about leaving my eternal soul on the doorstep, but it whined fiercely.

So together, we entered the darkness as one. Time stood still as we floated to the source of our being. The moment did not move forward on the river of time, only the music changed. I asked my true self to be silent and not create a running commentary on the trip.

Inky blackness caressed us, emotion flowed strongly of love and acceptance. The mind and soul tried to grasp it and observe it causing time to tick forward. I can never go back, I can only begin my search at this new moment. Like the smoke from a campfire, love danced with my emotions again, never far from my soul.

The magic revealed in this timeless journey is at our core we are loved, no escaping it. Inside, and outside to the end of the universe we are blanketed in self-love, selfless love, and eternal love. The music played, the bells rang and time began an hour later.  I smiled, feeling refreshed, assured and loved.

DREAMING A LIFE (Living the dream)

I once wrote in a poem: “Reality to you it seems is twice as simple as my dreams.” This was a criticism of a parent who had such a firm grip on exactly what reality was and how the world worked that no other opinion was tolerated. I saw the shades of gray and the multifaceted hues of color that gave our world life and diversity. Naïvely limiting the world to one correct viewpoint seemed criminal.

My mantra has always been “we create our own reality.” ~2700 years ago Gautama Buddha said: “We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.” The intersection of Buddha’s thoughts with quantum physics is unmistakable.

From the earliest days of quantum theory visionaries like the 1918 Nobel Prize winner, Max Planck saw the connection and stated: “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness…”

Late 20th Century thinking furthers this exciting line of thinking. R.C. Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University provides a compelling summary: “A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter; we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it and accept the in arguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.” Source “The Mental Universe” in the publication – Nature

I could cite the quantum theory experiments conducted over the past 100 years that provide positive proof that the observer creates reality in the subatomic quantum world. But I won’t go there; you can find many great summaries of the double slit experiment and other experiments that prove the role of the observer is critical to creating reality.

When we think about a dream, we know the dream world is not solid matter reality. It may seem so real that it frightens or excites us but when we awake and realize it is a dream it evaporates into a memory without substance.

Solid matter reality is a different beast. I can kick a tree or bang my hand on a stone and it hurts no matter how hard I concentrate on it becoming a vibrating energy pattern that has no physical form. Yet quantum physics tells me that no matter is solid it is all made up subatomic size energy vortexes. Photons and quarks and energy based subatomic particles comprise everything we are and the universe is. We do not live in a solid matter reality we are a vibrating energy signature in an energy based universe. If all the space was crushed out of the atoms that make up our physical bodies the remaining particles would be smaller than the tip of a needle. If we looked closely at those particles we would find they aren’t particles. The same can be said for the earth if all the space in all the atoms was removed we would have room on the tip of our needle for its energy too. We could probably even fit the universe right next to us. The point is not to make you feel small and insignificant but to make you appreciate that consciousness has the potential to influence the energy based world around us.

We have been given the indisputable fact that our physical matter reality is a gigantic dream world comprised not of physical particles, but of vibrating energy vortexes. At the electron level, experiments prove that a single consciousness does influence how our energy based world manifests itself. The amount of consciousness that each of us control cannot influence enough of the physical world to change physical reality quickly. I believe that over a lifetime, a life lived with peace, love and positive emotions creates a physical reality that reflects those values. On the flip side, negativity, distrust, hate and dwelling on being a victim creates a destructive hell on earth that destroys health and wrecks life.

Expanding what we know as true in the quantum world of subatomic particles to the totality of the physical universe leads us to some interesting speculation. Reality is created by a mental activity called observation. A universe size mental activity points us squarely toward the unknowable concept humans have called God. From the moment the singularity of compressed subatomic energy elements exploded in the big bang every atom of nature was created by a conscious observer. Nature evolves, experiments, and observes as it progresses along the river of time. Somewhere along the way the animal man descended from became self-aware, and was gifted with consciousness. Not so much that we can stick our hand through a rock but enough to influence our own little corner of the universe.

Collectively the more people concentrating on positive emotions, peace and love the closer we will get to heaven on earth. I am convinced that God is consciousness and individual consciousness is the manifestation of God in a person observing a small slice of reality. In this way God is all knowing of every thought and action. All powerful, in that every atom of matter comes into existence by God’s observation and present everywhere, in that God is at least as large as the universe. We are not separate from God or each other; one consciousness lives on for eternity. In the afterlife we can dwell on what we are, the well-being of our ancestors and what we did or we can explore what all of consciousness (Human and Alien) has achieved throughout the universe.

There is no need to be swept away to a heavenly dimension we already exist as part of the collective consciousness of the universe.

I don’t really know how it works but if your soul drags around the baggage of sins, transgressions and evil deeds it will probably require some remedial work before further development can occur. Whatever you believe in that lets you leave that baggage in the past is a positive step and perhaps the door to the kingdom.

You can put words in God’s mouth about how much God loves us, cherishes us or wants us to act a certain way. If a million people prayed to heal my aliment he might take action or perhaps observing the emotion, grief and suffering might be the goal. Either way in the end he will envelop our consciousness as part of the whole of experience and take us home.